Bamboo Fencing and Screening

Bamboo fencing and screening has become popular over the last few years for its strength, quality, and price. Since bamboos are fairly easy to grow and harvest, they are also relatively cheaper than most hardwood but just as strong and can also withstand extreme temperatures. While we’re at the subject of bamboo fencing, let’s take a look at some of the benefits that you will get should you make this your choice for your next fencing or screening project.

The Price Is Just Right

One of the most obvious advantages of going for a bamboo fence is cost-efficiency and this is without sacrificing the quality of the material. The reason for this is because unlike most hardwoods that can take anywhere between 30 to 50 years to mature before it can actually be harvested and used for anything, the humble bamboo would only need about three years to grow into maturity.

It Is Indeed Flexible

While bamboo is known for this characteristic and is something that should also be considered, what flexibility here means is that you can do anything you want with it and have it go with pretty much any theme you want your house to have. You can go as basic as you want to be or be more creative and artistic and settle for something that is more to your taste. It’s up to you on how you would want it to look like and your imagination is the limit here.

Built To Last

Bamboo fencing is actually very strong and with proper care and treatment, it may even last you a lifetime. Granted that it may discolour or fade over time, this will not decrease its strength but if you want to prevent this from happening, you can simply coat it with UV resistant varnish and reapply every now and then. Although they may seem weak because they’re hollow on the inside, you can be assured that bamboos are just as tough as hardwood if not tougher.

Environmentally Sustainable

This is something that would certainly be appealing especially if you are concerned for the environment; which we all should be by the way. Since bamboo are one of the fastest growing plants on the planet, it is highly renewable making it a very good alternative not just for fencing but for screening as well.

The list of benefits of having bamboo fencing may actually be longer than this, but these are just some of the things that you might want to consider when thinking about your fencing. In addition to being cost-efficient, you also have a lot of choices on how you want it to be installed so go ahead and look more into this wonderful alternative and see the big difference it can make to your home.

  • Bamboo panels are flexible and durable
  • vIt’s environmentally friendly
  • Bamboo panels cover all types of fences, unsightly walls, sheds and pool filter covers
  • Your Bamboo panels come in a attractive smoked finish
  • Your Bamboo panels require almost no maintenance
  • Bamboo also looks great, bamboo panels impresses your friends and family
  • Affixes straight over existing colorbond and timber fences quickly and easily.
  • Delivery anywhere in Australia.
  • Easy fit all situations panel sizes of 1.8 m high x 1.0 m wide
  • Panels can be easily cut to any size either vertical or horizontally

Exclusive: our smoked bamboo panels are of the highest quality and are not available in any hardware store or from any other retailer in Australia each panel is made to our exacting specs and then imported directly by us this gives you maximum value

Ready for an awesome looking hard-wearing bamboo fence or screening without the hard work or expense of replacement?

If you’re still a little skeptical and a bit on the conservative side, consider this…

Timber fence replacement. If you replace your existing timber fence with a new timber fence, sooner or later it is going to rot again. Not to mention, the time, money and energy you have to spend to stain or paint it to extend its life to STOP termites eating it.

Colorbond fence replacement If you replace your faded, worn out looking colourbond fence it will cost you ten times more and once again, over time, it will deteriorate.

So it’s wasted money and let’s face it, colorbond fencing is only attractive when it’s new, once the weather gets hold of it, it loses all its appeal and ends up dull and faded.

Transform your yard with bamboo fencing or bamboo screening right now.

Seriously, let the time be right now that you get rid of that old worn out tattered fence and replace it with a unique, environmentally friendly quality Bamboo Panels.

You’ll be glad you did!

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